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Hi All,


i am using the following code which does not work. can anyone let me know where am i going wrong.

<GETCONTROL2:07:ARSGUI32.EXE:#32770Copy Document Pages to File000:><REP3:06:000001:000002:0010:0:01:1><IFCONTROL:01:07><WAITCONTROL:000010:000000:07:05><TBOX4:T:1:CenterCenter000278000200:000:CONTROL NOT WORKING><IVAR2:10:01:1><ENDIF><ENDREP>

what is happening is it is remaining in wait state for ever even when the control goes off. the box disappears.

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Try adding a Text Box Display right after IF CONTROL FOCUSED, to verify that ME in fact recognizes when it gains focus.


I tried your logic with a button in the Windows Calculator application, and a button in the file-save box of Notepad. I had no problem with IF CONTROL FOCUSED. However, WAIT FOR INVISIBLE worked with Notepad but not with Calculator. WAIT FOR LOSE FOCUS worked on both. Can you perhaps use that instead?

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