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I am copy name, company, address, city, state, zip, phone, etc into Text variables 2-15. I then want to paste the information into ACT! We are using ACT! Premium 2010. When I am pasting the Variables into each field, it seems that the tabs between the fields are not consistent. When I do a Text Type to drop the Variable into the proper fields, it seems that the when I drop the variable it is also dropping an enter at the end of the data. But when I thought that I figured it out, it didn't seem to be the case every time. Sometimes there is one too many tabs and some times there is one two few tabs. Not sure if maybe there is a better way to do things.


I also wanted to make sure how long those items stay in their respective variable. If I have one macro that copies everything into the variable can I use another Macro to paste the variables into ACT? Do the variables stay as is until I overwrite them?



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Please see our other conversations.


We have had a couple of recent threads regarding the tabbing between fields and the troubles like you described. In one of them I gave a lengthy explanation of how I deal with it.


As for your variable question the rule is simple and if you read my webpage I linked you to before you will understand that all variables evaporate instantly when a macro is finished. The only way to have them carry over is if they’re global (the default) and you call the other macro at the end of the first. If it were me I would cache the values in the registry to be used in later macros.

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