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In the Text Type Box there are 3 options for "Playback". The first two I understand, but the 3rd I was having a little trouble with. I was hoping someone could explain it to me a little better? The Help states:


Send Text Directly to Control


If a Control Variable is previously defined, the text entered in this command is typed into the selected Window Control. The control chosen must be able to accept text input. Otherwise this command will appear to do nothing.


What exactly does this mean?





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You need to understand Windows controls first.


Almost everything in Windows and windows apps are controls. Windows, titles, buttons, and in your case text boxes. Instead of going to and typing text in you can use this to magically ‘poof’ the text in there. The window doesn’t need to be focused or even active to do this. In your sample MEX file that came with MEP there is a great little tutorial using Calculator. You might want to check it out. Also the help file and Joe’s book. FYI every macro I write my first choice is to use controls as opposed to typing as they’re lighting fast, almost never fail, and have perks like not needing to be visible.

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To understand Windows Controls look in the Macro Express help.


When Macro Express Pro is installed a macro file with samples is installed in the Program Files folder. Open c:\Program Files\Macro Express Pro\samples.mex. Depending on which version of windows you are using or its configuration you may not be able to run the macros from the Program Files\Macro Express Pro folder. If that is the case then you can copy the file to your My Documents folder and then open it from there.


You can also download the sample macros from our Sample Macros web page.


The sample macro that Cory is referring to is named 'Calc ulator and Note pad' (note the extra spaces). By looking at this macro and reading the help you should have a pretty good understanding of how to use script commands that interact with Window Controls.

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