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Me Freezes And Text Box Internet Form Problems


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Using Macro Express 3.5.c build 1, installed March, 2005, and

Opera 7.52, installed approx. June 2004, and Win 98 SE, not

changed lately, I have encountered the following.


Sometimes after executing a ME macro in a text box in an internet

form with Opera, the form locks up. I cannot enter anything in

the form, either keystrokes or mouse clicks. Today it happened

with a simple 4 keystroke macro. The macro used the clipboard.

Other applications, including Opera in other pages and ME outside

the form, continue to function. The problem lies only with the

text box in the form.


The problem doesn't seem to be reproducible.


Resetting the hooks doesn't help.


Also I have had ME simply die on me several times recently. It

won't respond to keystrokes from any application. When I

terminate and restart it, it works fine. I don't remember when

ME ever did that before.


Today, for the first time, the ME editor was in the task bar,

frozen, and I terminated ME from the system tray. The ME box

remained in the task bar, but when I clicked it the ME screen

would appear partially.


I recently installed Thunderbird and Courier.


Is anyone else noting any similar problems?

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