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Return From An If?


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Hi folks,


I'm sure this one is easy, but it's one of those can't-see-the-forest-for-the-trees kinda things for me right now.


// Write clipboard to T8

// IF T2<>T8

// do this thing

// ELSE T2=T8

// do some other thing


If T2 doesn't equal T8, my macro will flip to another screen. On this next screen, I want to perform the comparison again. It will in fact continue flipping forward until T2=T8.


After flipping forward, how do I get the macro to go back and compare again? Will it just be another IF statement? Or is there some kind of RETURN statement that can go back?


Now that I look at it in another light, I could do another IF statement. But that's not so elegant. Is another IF my best shot?


As always, you folks rock. I wish I could give more info than I take, but maybe, with time...

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