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Problems switching between keyboard languages


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I am using Macro Express, with Windows 7 (though I should mention that I had observed this problem before switching from Vista to Windows 7).


Because I work constantly in multiple languages, I have on this laptop a US English internal keyboard, but a Spanish external keyboard. Even so, I often swich the input language setting for the internal keyboard to Spanish when I am writing in European languages.


The problem is that my simple text macros will never display correctly unless before triggering them I first switch the language setting to English via the language bar. Otherwise, most punctuation, especially, as well as diacriticals, get garbled, like this:




(that should read http://www.test.com/index.htm)


Clearly, Macro Express is trying to type out the text using the keypresses that would be appropriate for an U.S. English keyboard, even though that is not what Windows is showing.


What can be done about this? I found an annotation in the release notes for 3.5 that seemed to indicate that this was a known issue and had been fixed, but apparently not...

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