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Victor Ortiz

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I am trying to set up an unlimited, every 4.5 min., left mouse click anywhere I put the cursor on the screen.


Could anyone give me a suggested list of steps to create the macro?


I get snarled up on the mouse click feature that asks for either a

"area on screen" OR "window part"


I have to choose one, but that is not what I want to do. I want to be able to have the mouse clicking anywhere I put the cursor.


Thanks for reading this.

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I am trying to set up an unlimited, every 4.5 min., left mouse click anywhere I put the cursor on the screen.

If by "cursor" you mean anywhere you put the MOUSE POINTER, your macro can consist of the single line "Mouse Left Button Click". Use the Schedule feature (Properties tab of the macro) to have it run every 4.5 minutes. Wherever the mouse is when the macro runs, that's where it will click. If you move the mouse somewhere else during the 4.5 minute interval, it will click at the new location next time it runs.


If by "cursor" you mean a text cursor, then I don't know ....

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To resolve your question about Area on Screen (which is what you indicate you want) see the Help (F1 when you are in the mouse activation dialog gives you the page directly). ME's Help is excellent and there is no point pasting it here. Note that pixel position is measured from top left, 0, 0 so the limits for a 1024x768 monitor would be right 1023 and bottom767.


The only thing I would be concerned with is if the mouse drifts, gets nudged or some other window comes to the top. Whether those are issue depends on your circumstances (got a cat?) and scope settings.

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Thank you for responding, both of you.....


I do mean the mouse pointer.....


I go to the "mouse click" portion and click on settings.....it has the three buttons to click on


below it says, "what to click on".....this is where I fail.....

area on screen.....as the "region" settings setup is to finite, I do not want that.

window part.....I just want to click on a button anywhere it appears on the screen.

either way, I get no response.


When I did this back in April, 2009, I do not remember those choices. We just set it up.


I have the problem that the current version of ME3 does not just let me set the left click, but demands I also specify coordinatates.....there are four empty boxes that must be filled or I cannot safe the configuration. My friend, who uses this, cannot explain why that is in the mouse click set up, and says he does not see it.


My version is 3.7d


Thank you, again.

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The Help that I have is for an older version of ME3, showing a different dialog for the activation. The text however is correct. You want Left Mouse click, Area on Screen.


The four corner x,y coordinates for a monitor that is 1024x768 are as follows:


Top left 0,0 Top right 1023,0

Bottom left 0,767 Bottom right 1023,767


So the data entry is Left 0, Top 0, Right 1023, Bottom 767

That is the ENTIRE screen on a 1024x768 monitor.


For a full HD setup (1920x1080) the data entry would be 0 0 1919 1079


As a different example if you want to restrict the active mouse click to the top left quarter, the data entry would be

0 0 511 393


If you have problems with the maths, use the mouse locator on the dialog. Stick the mouse top left and bottom right of the screen, using the hotkeys as noted next to the locator button to save the figures (just like you do for the Mouse Move command).

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Copy and paste this into your macro. It simply does a left-button click, wherever the mouse button is at the time the macro runs.




There are other macro commands to move the mouse. You don't need those commands, because you said you will manually move the mouse, rather than have the macro move the mouse. For those, you need to tell the command where you want to move the mouse to. These require that you enter coordinates. They also require that you say whether to move relative to the whole screen, or relative to the active window. Maybe it is one of those commands that is confusing you with a bunch of options that you don't need.

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This is one of those conflicting situations answering questions on a macro that is going in the wrong direction. Activating the macro with a left mouse click is a bad idea but the question was asked (twice) about setting up the activation dialog.


Rberg's solution seems fine to me. You would have to make the first mouse click manually as the first scheduled click will not occur for 4min 30secs after the macro is enabled.


The only issue I see is with handling changes in window order (for example if some software auto update brings up a window). If you set the scope to a specific window being on top, that prevents other windows being inadvertently clicked. However, you will not be aware of it if you are away from the PC (elsewhere in house or office). There are several ways to handle that. One method would be to have global scope with macro as follows:


If Window on Top (as specified)

Mouse Left Click


Sound Wav File (alarm) or any other notification (email to Blackberry?)

End If


Another method is to have an Activate Window command prior to the mouse click (which will handle window order issues). However, if the window is not there due to the program shutting down, all you will get is the system alarm wav and error message.


Handling mouse jogs and drifts is a more difficult issue which only needs addressing if it's a problem.

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