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Text + (N+Step#*10) .... repeat for x steps


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I have a feeling that Macro Express can do this but am at a loss trying to find the appropriate commands.


Let's say I have a starting N#= 100.


I need to add that to the end of a url, paste to a browser, and then run some operations.


Then repeat with the same url with N# +10.


The url constructs would look like:











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but what command/process can I use to add %N1% to the end of a text string like "www.macroexpress.com/" ?


Variable Set String T99 = www.macroexpress.com/


Variable Modify Integer [convert N1 integer to a string, for example into T1]


Variable Modify String [append T1 to T99]



There are lots of goodies hidden in the "Variable Modify" and "Variable Set" commands for strings / integers / decimals.

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Thanks alot rberq!,


Stumbled across the "modify integer into a text string" command while you were posting. The integer as a text string could then be used with the append text function which is key to make it all work.


Amazing the commands buried in Macro Express... who was the guy/gal to forese the uses lol.


So my macro reads something like this now:


Set Integer N=90


Repeat START


-Variable Set String T2 "www.macroexpress.com/"

-Variable Modify Integer N1= 10 + N1

-Variable Modify Integer: Convert N1 to text string T1

-Variable Modify String: Append T1 to T2

-Variable Modify String: Save T2 to clipboard


(Do misc functions with the construct)


Repeat END

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