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Short keys not working properly in Windows 7


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This is the first time I have ever used a forum so please forgive any mistakes.


I have just installed Windows 7 and now ME 3.7 is not working properly. I use it to do my emails (i'm a 2 finger typist) and I am stuck without it.


I use the # as the prefix then usually a 3 letter short key to play the keystrokes. Since installing Win 7 the macros some times work properly (maybe 10% of the time) sometimes they will work if I put 2 ## as the prefix. Almost every time capital letters come out as lower case (sometimes the first capital is there and then the rest are changed to lower case). Sometimes characters that require the shift key e.g. ( or ) come out as the "unshifted" character and then the next time not.


I have tried it my other PC (also running Win 7) and there is the same problem.

Also tried writing new macros but no better.

Tried the trial of MEpro still no good.


If I had any hair left I would be pulling it out! : (


Thanks in anticipation.



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