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Variable definition for %Sales[%N[1]%]%

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If you have an array such as Sales[1]....Sales[10] and you want to process each one (to add 5% for example) the following seem to work OK when manipulating the array members, %Sales[%count%]% or %Sales[%N[1]%]% where count or N1=1-10


If you manually enter in the "Variable Modify Decimal" dialogs they work fine mathematically. However they seem impossible to enter in the second "Insert Variable" dialog due to the extra [] or %% which are seen as invalid.


Is there a way of entering this style of variable in the "Insert Variable" dialog?


It seems to me that Integer arrays should be listed in ALL the "Insert Variable" dialogs (text, decimal, control etc) so that arrays can be handled. In the above example clicking Sales array would bring up Sales[] with the cursor between []. Clicking on the N array would complete as Sales [%N[]%] with the cursor again between [] and you would type in 1 hence Sales[%N[1]%]. The outer %% added per normal when you exit the dialog.


Maybe I missed something somewhere.

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You didn’t miss anything.


We all enter a dummy integer and then manually enter the pointer. If you feel strongly about it you should request the feature from ISS. I’ve often thought it would be nice to be able to insert multiple variables in the string var variable dialog. I often will create something like “%Source Drive%%Source Path%%Source name% - output%Source Extension%” and it’s a pain to have to jump thru the hoops for every one. But because I’m wont to typo I usually make myself do it.

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I also type in a dummy number. The extra [] in MEPro makes the typing that more onerous. The %% are bad enough in both versions. I have a hotkey macro that types in the basic variable string depending on dialog title with the [] content highlighted. So in a "Variable Set String" the macro would type in %T[0]% with 0 highlighted (for over-typing). That only works for the basic variable formats T, N, D, C which are already defined. I prefer to stick with the mouse wherever possible.

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