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window not taking focus


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I'm working on a macro that runs a browser based application from a CSV file.

reading the file is fine but the app launches 3 levels of windows for processing sort of:

1. choose job (with input data from CSV)

1a new window appear

2. Select action on job

2a New window appears

3. enter data from CSV

4 ctrl-S to save

4a OK confirmation dialog

5 ALT-F4 to close parent windows

6 Alt-A, down arrow, enter to return to starting point.


Everything is fine and dandy except for 4a. When the macro runs the window does not go on top, and cannot be forced to take the focus either. the data is entered OK, but the CTRL-S and then OK do not get processed.


When i do the work manually the windows appear as you'd expect one on top of each other.


I've tried waiting for form name (the windows are all differently titled), activating form etc and no dice.


Any ideas - or does ME ( running) not play ball will that level of layers?


Thanks, Peter

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Have you tried using Controls? Put this where OK button is due to appear.

Get Control (from the OK button)

Wait for Control to be Enabled

Mouse Click on Control


I don't have enough experience with Controls to say if this would work with an OK button that will not come to the top when the macro runs. I cannot simulate to test.

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Thanks John, I'm in the dark a tad, as this is the first time with ME.


however the client where I'm working had an old macro that "used to work", looked at that and there are ALT-letters that don't appear to match the application menu structure but then worked.


I considered spending a few hours working out, but came to my senses quite quickly :rolleyes:


Cheers, Peter

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