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Script Editor closing stops running macros FYI

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I've sent in a bug report for this. It does not seem to be fixed in the latest rev.


On my setup at least, if you close the Script Editor while a macro is running, it stops the macro. It's really annoying for me right now because I'm trying to run housekeeping on every macro I have. That involves opening and closing the editor on each. I'm in the process of writing a work-around for my current task.

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I found this out as something of a double whammy. I absent-mindedly started a macro using manual "right-click, Run Macro" while a macro was running. The running macro supposedly had locked out the player but the second also ran. I opened the second macro in the Script Editor to find out what was going on. It looked OK so I closed the editor and the first macro stopped. It turns out that a manual macro start overrides any Lock Macro commands. That's intended by ISS but not very obvious until you do it.


I have so many macros in each file, I start about half of them manually because there are too many hotkeys to remember and I already have the mouse in my hand when finding the macro in Macro Explorer. For me it's normal but I guess it was assumed that manual start was more for override purposes. Personally I'd like to see a big Run arrow (obeying lock commands) and a smaller one for total override.

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