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Trouble exporting


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Hi, I am having issue's exporting last time i exported was about a month ago at that time the macro size was only 231kb that includes about 5 macro's only 1 was changed. Today i go to export and it is locking up and somehow my macro file says it is now 4.3mb. Any way to check the size of each individual macro? I do have some macro's that i am not trying to export that are new but nothing above a few hundred lines. The main macro is 230k characters and 11250 lines but last time i exported it was already over 11k lines of macro.


Any idea's?




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I was able to export the update i wanted, which does not include 3 macro's that are entirely new. The way i had to do the update was make a copy of my network macro (old) save to desktop and actually add the new 50 lines by hand then export, though i had try this on 3 computers before it worked 2 of the computers wouldn't export the macro even with file size of 231kb and I would still like to hear how something i included in a macro made the file size jump from 231kb to 4.3mb if anyone has any idea's.

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What do you mean? To Import macros in either Macro Express and Macro Express Pro you click File, Import, Import Macros.


I stand corrected! Sort of....


I think my comment came from the fact that if you are in a macro file and want to Export a macro to another macro file you cannot Export directly. If you try, you get a dialog "Export Macros". If you click on one thinking that you are about to add the macro to that file you will be disappointed. What actually happens is that the macro file is completely overwritten with the one macro you are trying to "Export". A better setup would be to be presented with choices, "Add to an Existing Macro File", "Export as a New Macro File"


To Export a single macro to another macro file, you have to open the other file and Import. To me, exporting means the same as importing but in different directions. In ME3 they are quite different operations.

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