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Play one macro one after the other


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Hello everyone,


I have been looking for this and I can't find it. It's a simple question.


I have a few timed macros that are in conflict with each other. That means, for example, that 2 macros are scheduled at the same time at 7AM. I know you cannot run 2 macros at once with this version, but how can you set ME to run the macros one after the other so that when one finishes, the next one starts?


Thank you in advance!



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Something to considerate when stringing macros together is that if the first hangs up, the second may not run. Take a look at the choices in Options/Playback. I normally ignore errors but it depends what you are doing. I string up to 6 together although there's really no limit.


If it is important that all macros carry out their tasks, you can get the first macros to leave a message somewhere (several ways to do that) and run backup scheduled macros later that check the message and run if there was a problem.


Another simple method is to stagger the run times, allowing time for the first to finish. That depends on what it is and how predictable.


(edit) I forgot the often-forgotten simple method - copy the code of the 2nd macro, make a copy the 1st macro, rename it, add code from 2nd macro at the end of the 1st macro. You should try rberg's method though because you can use it in other ways. I have a list of daily macros to run in a Multiple Choice list. I check the ones I want to run and it runs the selected macros in sequence.

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