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Pause a macro while running


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I don't have that version installed. Did you try searching for "Pause" or "Pause Macro" (no quotes) in Help (Index or Search tabs if 3.2 has them)? It may be in another section in 3.2. It may also be called "Pause Macro HotKey". It will be some combination of Scroll Lock, Pause/Break, ', Win, as will be the "Abort Macro Hotkey".


Even back then, ME's Help was good as far as I remember.

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It would help if someone with access to your version could chip in. Did you try the resume pause hotkey to pause it?


since i did not get to pause i have asked the users to abort the macro by using pause/break key. :( very sad that i could not figure out any other way... if anyone has any idea please let me know

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I extracted the Help from the versions I still have on file. ME2.1 did not have a Pause Key setting, ME3.4 did. that's as far as I can go.


The four current combos which I already described are


Scroll lock + Pause

Win + '


Ctrl + Pause


Same for Pause Macro. If there is no setting box for Pause Macro, you are out of luck.


You can upgrade for free to the current 3.8 version. I know some people like to stick with what they know.

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