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<Control> in Text Type fails at times


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I have a simple macro to paste the contents of the clipboard, but with it underlined. Here is the relevant script:


Text Type: <CONTROL>u

Wait Text Playback

Clipboard Paste

Text Type: <CONTROL>u

Wait Text Playback


The problem is that at times the <Control> is lost and I simply get a u in front of the paste from the clipboard.


Is there a better way to structure this?





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FWIW, I always use the sequence <CTRLD>u<CTRLU> instead of <CONTROL>u. In other words, separate operations for pressing down the Control key and for releasing it. Either way is supposed to work, but I have found the separate operations to be more reliable on some PCs.


If you don't have Keystroke Speed set, try setting it to 30ms or thereabouts before typing the Control-u sequence. You might try a brief pause after typing Control-u to give the application time to digest it.


Make sure the window is ready to accept keystrokes. For example, if you ACTIVATE WINDOW and immediately start typing, you may be outrunning the machine. Try a half-second delay prior to typing.

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