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Wont work on vista laptop


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Hi all. Im trying to use macro express to build a macro to use in an MMORPG called Eve online, however it wont work. And its not just this macro program, its all of them. When I use the recording tool to record mouse movements, its like when the mouse goes over EVE (or anything else besides macro express for that matter) it doesnt register, when its executed the cursor just sits where I crossed the window border for the duration of the macro and then goes down to the toolbar and ends it. It records nothing from any window besides macro express. I am having very simmilar problems with other macro programs, many specifically designed for this game. I am using a newer ASUS laptop with vista. If anyone could help me out here I'd appreciae it sooooo much. Thanks!

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It sounds to me like you are recording mouse movements to the wrong parameter. Mouse coords can be to the screen or the active window.


Say you mistakenly leave ME on top of your application window. Let's say you can move the mouse perfectly horizontally, the ME window is aligned left edge of the screen and is 500 pixels wide. If you record the mouse position per your other app and it's 800 pixels from the left edge, that's what is recorded. When the macro is played back it moves the mouse to the right but when it reaches 500, the bounding box of the ME window, it stops because that is as far as the ME window goes. The same happens if you enter coords off the screen. The mouse is still on-screen closest to the coords.


What you need to do is put ME to the back and record with your application window on top. If it's a maximized application you could use to Screen or to Window. If the window is a certain size, mouse moves should be to the active window. I haven't used Record for many years. I suggest you check the Capture settings in Option/Preferences.


Recording is fine for simple tasks and sometimes is a good way to get the framework for a macro. It is generally better to enter commands manually. If you need to click on something you need a Mouse Move, then Mouse Left Click. Entering a Mouse Move command gives you the options of enabling the Mouse Locator, the hotkey to record the X and Y, and whether to record relative to the screen or window or several other options. After launching the Mouse Locator, put your application window on top, position the mouse, press Ctrl+Space and you will find X and Y have been filled in the dialog.

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