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Hello all,


I'm completely new to macros and Macro Express and admittedly unaware of the breadth of what can be done with them.


But I have a need that I suspect Macro Express can fill and wanted to ask those who would definitively know. I don't have a big budget and was hoping to use something like MacroExpress with an existing commercial program to get this done. Much of the backbone of what I need to do, as described below, I can now do, for instance with One Note by MS.


So, here it is:


I need to fill out a form that has 4 sections. The sections are just running lines of text. I'd like to use my tablet pc.


I want to create icons that depict things I would usually type into the form as sentences and paragraphs. (As an example, clicking an icon depicting a wall with a "no sign"over it would insert: "A wall was removed according to regulations and approved by my supervisor."


I would group the icons according to the section (of the four) they belonged to and produce the form by:


1) opening up a form that would auto-date

2) select a section tab

3) select icons that auto-append one of several pre-set but syntactically equivalent pieces of text it randomly selected into that section

4) have the form auto-append to the last one


A possible complication is that many of the icon-to-text macros would need to pause for input generated by (in this case) tapping other icons.


Am I barking up the wrong tree or do you guys think can it be done with MacroExpress?


Thanks very, very much in advance.

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It does not sound impossible. Assumed ME is installed on the PC. So many questions though.


What carries out 1) and 2)? OneNote? You? ME?

These sections with tabs, are they full page so you see one section with 4 tabs per standard OneNote? Anything else in the section?

Can you navigate from section to section with keystrokes or are you doing that with a mouse?

What does 3) mean?

How is the "waiting for other input" going to work? The icon types its text or not. Why click the icon if the text is needed later?

4) how do you append a form with 4 tabs to other forms? Each tab info to the bottom of the corresponding tab on the previous form? Does OneNote have a built-in capability to do that?

If the form is being appended why do you need a new form for the input?

If icons intended to be on a OneNote page, can OneNote run links to non-documents like on the Desktop? You would have to be able to run a macro from each icon. Could be done by other means (screen position).

Is the text being typed at the text cursor position? Cursor positioned by you?


I don't have OneNote so I'm not sure I can help.

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