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I just started with this program and it works fine for most things I want to do. The problem is, certain programs "encounter problems and have to close". Every time I attempt to record a macro in Safari web browser windows encounters a problem and safari closes. I also have this problem with several other programs. At first I assumed it just wouldn't work with a web browser...Firefox has the same issue..but then I tried Internet Exploder and it works completely fine??? Any help would be greatly appreciated...I am using Windows 7 and running this as an administrator.

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You may want to check out a thread a few down the list Won't work on vista laptop. It relates to Vista but W7 has similar. I have no idea how relevant it may be. If you are unfamiliar with UAC I suggest you google it so you understand security implications.


As I noted in that thread, recording macros limits what you can do although it's very convenient for simple macros. If you enter commands manually, you can write smarter macros and can handle unexpected problems (like timing issues). That may also avoid recording issues. Some security software does not like the keylogging aspects of ME. That does not seem to be your problem.


You could pass on your problem to ISS by filling in a "Report a Bug" form on their Support page.

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