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How do you know which macros are running?

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Stemming from other posts about multiple running macros, how do you know which are running? I don't usually run multiples unless I'm at the PC. The tooltip only shows one at most so if you start 6 macros, you've no idea if any have stopped.


I can imagine that if you made a scheduled macro for test purposes that briefly operated intermittently, you could forget and be completely unaware it was still running.

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There is no built in method I know of.


I was thinking maybe I would add a little subroutine to all my important macros that would update a text file every time a macro ran or completed. Then another macro would display the current status. Maybe with some clever update routine. But that's a lot of work. I remember thinking I would like to request that Forrest show all the running macros but I don't remember if I ever formally requested it. You might consider requesting it in any case.

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I run a lot of macros consequently and the individual macros dynamically select which macro to run next based on data they collect. It helps me to know which one is running so I do the following:


At the beginning of all my macros, I have entered the following:


<VARIABLE SET FROM MISC Destination="%CurrentMacro%" Value="Name of Current Macro"/>


My method usually has an updating dialog box tracking what is running which usually updates right after the above Variable gets set, but it might update at various keypoints within the macro.


Expanding on that, I suppose you could bookend %CurrentMacro% with timestamps and append it to a text, etc, just a random thought.

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Looks like no simple remedy. Thanks for the ideas.


I did the "writing to text file, macro name and start time" for some overnight scheduled macros but once they were reliably running I discontinued. I still write the approximate boot time to the file.


It's not a big problem for me because I put all my scheduled macros in one file. If that file is loaded all enabled macros are potentially active. Where I may get caught out is doing stuff for this forum where I knock off a quick test macro.


There could be a tooltip listing on the running icon. It would be difficult to know what to include. Generally, you could not include scheduled macros (potentially too many). Perhaps if their frequency was less than say 24 hours or a user defined term. I only use a few Activations so I've no idea which ones would show the running icon. All but scheduled? Anyone know?


It's the short and sweet ones that could be most problematic - you are unaware of their running and look elsewhere to find why the PC is misbehaving. A tool to monitor or log ME's CPU usage may be a nice-to-have. Food for thought.


(edit) I looked at Sysinternals Process Explorer. The context menu for a process/properties/ shows I/Obytes and CPU usage for the process but seems to have a short logging time.

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