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How To Open Up A Excel Document?


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I'm new at this..


I have a bunch of Excel and Word documents in a particular folder/directory.


I can see hat I can use the 'Open Folder' in the 'Exploer' area to go to a specific folder/directory... But I need to know how to tell ME how to open up a specific Excel File or Word File..


any help would be great..

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There are two ways that immediately come to mind:


Use the Program Launch command and put the file name in the 'Program Path/Name' field. This works because the file extensions of .doc and/or .xls are registered for use by Word and Excel respectively.


The second option also uses the Program Launch command. Put the full path name of Excel or Word in the 'Program Path/Name' field and the name of the file you want to open in the 'Program Parameters' field. Using this option you can also open the file in 'read only' mode by putting /r in front of the file name.

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but what happens if my excel file has a macro within it that requires user intervention to press the 'enable macro' button.. can that be automated?

Why not resolve Excel security properly, i.e. by setting the security level to Low (quick and easy), or by introducing authorized certificates?

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