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Sorry, wasn't sure if this should be own topic, or if it should be under the original annoucement of version 3.8.


So I posted it under the annoucement of version 3.8 and am also posting as a seperate topic.





There is a bug with version 3.8 that was not in prior versions. In one many of my macros, they are setup to send out emails with an attachment. The attachment is often derived from variables that determine what the attachment should be. These macros have always worked fine. Then yesterday, I upgraded to 3.8 (previously on 3.7d) and the attachments stopped working.


All of the emails had an error at the end of the email that said the following:

"begin 660 \\shared\filename.zip ` end"


Where "\\shared\filename.zip " was the filename that was going to go into it. But the attachment was never there. Never seen the "begin 660" or "end" at the end of the email before.


I downgraded back to to 3.7d and it fixed the problem. Just a heads up

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