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I forgot a password on a macro

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Did you set the password on a macro or a macro file?


You should have a backup for every macro file (unless you unchecked all options). You can always delete the locked mex and restore an earlier version. If a macro is locked, delete and restore earlier version from saved backup. If you cannot delete, export all other macros to a new macro file and delete the mex file. Never tried although I've restored from backup.


Take a look at "Password" in Help. 2 items are related to macro passwords, 1 item to Category passwords.


I was going to comment in your other thread that going into the programming business introduces liability issues and this gaff could be disastrous.

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If the security was easily circumvented then it wouldn't be secure.



Restore the file from backup. If you have done work in other macros in the buggered file you can identify them by modified date and export and then import back into the restored version.

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If you are desperate enough, you could try opening the .mex file in a text editor, copy to clipboard what you think is your macro, create a new .mex, open that with the text editor, and paste in what you copied. Then try opening the new .mex with ME and see what you have. It's (barely) possible that you will come up with enough of your original to be useful. Or open a new macro in a new .mex with the direct editor and paste in what you copied, then switch to the script editor and see what is there. Probably a very low chance of success, but what do you have to lose?

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