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Is there a tally of macros used by a user?

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Hey there,

I have a few users using a variety of macros I've programmed and am wondering if there's a log somewhere so I can see who's actually using what and how often.


If not, I figure I can just have each macro pend a file as it's fired and then tally them later, but I have dozens of macros I'd have to update with a few lines of code. Not a big deal, but I'm hoping to save me the work.




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Adding some lines to write to a log is probably the only method. If you anticipate more changes at the start of all macros you could add a "marker" line for future use. A piece of useless code - a comment would do if it works with the Replace function. Then to add some lines to the start in the future, you Replace the marker line with itself and the extra commands. Some Replace procedures may have to be done in the Direct Editor. A few of us have written macros that will run the Replace function on all macros in a Macro File (or across all Macro Files). It's the sort of thing you need to customize yourself.


There's a current glitch in MEPro, closing the Script Editor stops all running scripts. If you have a macro to edit all macros, every time you close the Editor the macro stops. You have to open all the macros simultaneously in Script Editor, do the Replace on each in turn (going from tab to tab) saving and closing each one. The last closure will close the Script Editor and stop the macro.

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