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Linking Macros From One Folder To Another


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I have my .mex file called Renee.... it has all my personal macros, test macros, junk macros, etc., however about 40 of them I have created for other users.


I exported those to another .mex file called Discharge Packet... when I make changes to either of the files, I have to remember to then update the other one I didn't make the changes too... is there an easier way to do this rather than just trying to remember, or write down which ones I changed? It would be awesome when you import macros if it showed the date and time, that way I could easily pick the ones I just made adjustments too.



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Hello Renee!


You can sort macros by their last modified date (ascending or descending) from within the Macro Explorer window by clicking on the Modified column header. Now that they are sorted by date, highlight the ones that you want to import into another .mex library. Right-click in the highlighted area. Choose "Export | Export to Macro File" from the menu that appears. You will be prompted for a .mex library name. Type in any temporary name you want and a new .mex library will be created containing the highlighted macros and the standard Macro Express system macros. This gives you a library file you can import into any of your other .mex libraries.


I like your suggestion on directly exporting and importing macros by their modified date and time (without the need for this interim step). Why not suggest it to Insight Software? Simply choose "Options | Configure Bug Reporter" from the Macro Explorer window and then click on the "Request a Feature" link.

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