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Possible Limit on Text Box or Text Variable Capacity

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I was loading some text files into Text Box Display by setting a string to the file content. The files had a non-txt extension and the default application takes a long time to start. I found that the Text Box Display formatting information appeared in some instances (like you see in the Direct Editor).


It seems to be related either to the number of lines or total number of characters. I did not find the exact transition but 2500 lines seemed OK, 4500 lines did not. It may also be related to size of text string, although there are no limits specified in the Help.

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Are you sure they are actual ASCII text files?


One thing to watch out for is Unicode which MEP does not support. EG you can open a text file in Notepad that looks like a plain text file but you will get different results in MEP.


Perhaps you could post an example.

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I experimented with one text file by reducing the number of lines. At some point it transitioned from text with format characters to plain text. You may well have been correct in the case of some files that had been generated by software - something to bear in mind for the future. In light of your comments I re-checked. With an ANSI text file it's occurring between 3700 and 4400 lines averaging about 12 characters per line.

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