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GoTo Label behaviour erratic

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(edit) Problem solved, I picked an area with many similar pixels. The macro is jumping back as it is supposed to do.


I've been looking at a pixel mapping script. I have it working on 2 pixel comparisons (full 16 pixel match still to be done). Amazingly it worked the first time I ran it. There is a problem though. When there is success, the macro should stop. Instead it jumps way back up the macro, goes the success route and this time the macro stops. I can only think it is related to some overlapping GoTo commands. Below is the order of commands (with logic in between).


Goto:DoneTopLeft // pixel found


:BottomRightReadFail // returning from pixel not found




Goto:BottomRightReadFail // resume original pixel search

if no failure macro stops


At the macro stop position (which is directly after that final GoTo) it seems to be jumping above "Goto:DoneTopLeft".


Has anyone else had this sort of problem?

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(edit) Problem solved, I picked an area with many similar pixels. The macro is jumping back as it is supposed to do.


Been there. Prevalent blacks, whites, greys can contribute to such ambiguity, but sometimes it just seems like Sod's Law.


At the planning stage I hover the mouse cursor, searching for rapidly-changing pixel values that usually indicate a gradient or mix. Picking a few pixels within such an area and maybe a few well removed from it then usually guarantees uniqueness. Also I sometimes copy a section to my image editor and zoom right in to pixel level (with care to preserve the original in the face of resizing/recompression algorithms of course).



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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Fast Stone Capture's (donationware?) picker is excellent for setting pixels. Its window is in the remote corner to where the picker is; it magnifies the pick area and the X,Y are for the pick. On mouse click a colour chart appears. You can copy colour in decimal BGR (per ME) to the Clipboard. You have to manually note the X and Y.


In all these issues it would help to be able to slow the mouse movement down. ME has no direct ability there. You could use nudge macros. Another project.

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