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That's usually where you already defined %20% as a Text Variable and are trying to use it as an Integer Variable, or some other combo of types, or you did not bother to define the variable. Usually the first time you enter a variable name, if you do not Add it to the list for the type, it prompts you. If you decline, later you will get error messages. Rather than type %20% in the input box (and not register the variable), click the Variable button, enter 20 at the top and follow instructions.

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I bet it's a URL


Don't forget that text you handle will sometimes contain what looks like variables. "%20" is the substitution for a space " " in systems that do not support spaces in the URLs. So if you had something with two spaces it might appear as "%20@20" and MEP things "%20% is intended as a variable and you don't have one defined as such. If you look back we have had many convos about this in the past and when MEP evaluates variables. ISS has made many improvements though and I haven't had too much problem lately so if it is text in a string var you might want to report it to ISS.

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