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Is there a way to make a command follow another existing command?


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Hi there..


I'm new to macro express but I have a lot of commands already saved into the program by the assistant before me...


When I start working, I have to open a lot of thing as 2 programs I'm working with, 5 browser with different pages (webmail, translation site, and so on..) and 2 different excel files..


Is there a way to make macro open all of these by using only 1 hotkey?


Thank you very much for your help in advance!


best regards...


Kase.. :)

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Use the Program Launch and Web Site commands. If the file type is common, txt, excel, doc you do not have to specify the application. File paths must be in quotes if there are spaces ""


Program Launch "C:\my folder\spreadsheet1.xls" (Windows/Programs Command)

Add a time delay or Wait for Window "spreadsheet1.xls" (partial match)

Program Launch "C:\my folder\spreadsheet2.xls"

Add a time delay or Wait for Window "spreadsheet2.xls" (partial match)

Website: http://mypage.com (Internet Command)

Add a time delay or Wait for Window "mypage.com" (partial match)



If you want to open one application for all Excel files and one browser with new tabs for all pages that is more complicated. Try the above and ask again if you want something different.

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Can the applications be started with commands entered in the Start | Run box? If so, put the individual commands in a .bat file, and run the file. For example, the first command below will start Internet Explorer and open the web page for this forum topic. The second command will start another copy of IE and open the Google search page. The third command will start Notepad.


start iexplore "http://pgmacros.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=4371"

start iexplore "www.google.com"

start notepad


When you have put all the individual startup commands in a .bat file, then make a desktop shortcut to run the batch file, or double-click the batch file name in a folder, or enter it in the Start | Run box. You don't need Macro Express to do it, but you could write a macro command like "Program Launch xxx.bat" to run the list of commands.

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