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Display InputBox, Use Variable in Loop

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I have read through the help for the dialog boxes available. I did not see anything on a inputbox where the input (variable) can then be used in a loop.


Does anyone know whats the best way to accomplish this? Basically i am running a self print macro that advances the webpage via a arrow key and presses a print icon on the screen to print, the number of pages to print (loop) will be determined by the input i choose that day.


so inputbox "How many pages do you want to print today? ___ (that number would go to the loop function)



thanks if you can point me to past topics or send a sample macro.

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You may enter a variable in any field in the command dialogs. To choose how many times to loop, get the number in a variable and enter that variable in the 'Number of times to repeat' field in the Repeat Start command dialog.



thanks , but are you saying that everytime i want to change the number of pages i want to print (loops to perform) i need to open the macro up and adjust the variables number?


each day the number of pages i want to print will change, so having an input box ask how many pages then using that number as the #loops to perform would be easiest. please let me know if I missed the command that always me to accomplish this..



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