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Macros activated based on status of Windows 7 Speech Recognition?


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I doubt you can activate a macro based on any Control Panel status. You may be able to start a macro in a loop and monitor the status of an applet function to exit the loop and continue running the rest of the macro. For info on Control Panel applets see the ME Help. You would have to open the applet at the appropriate tab (eg C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Speech\sapi.cpl,0) and figure out how to read the status. It would involve opening the applet on the Desktop. You would have to select the item to monitor using Text Type or Get Control commands


I don't have Speech Recognition installed nor Windows 7 so that's as far as I can assist.

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macros launched by VR would be cool....


I can image that it can be done, with a small java app or other that had the commands (words on a popup window for example), when spoken would trigger some action that ME could recognize.... if not by triggering a macro ... by changing something (files, windows etc.) that a running monitoring macro is watching and then responds to ... calling another macro ....



there is a function called >>>>> Windows Speech Recognition Macros << for Vista .. and a beta (Preview) is available for Windows 7 and it will be released later this year (at MS site)

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