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Why is this opening multiple instances of explorer

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It only opened one for me.


When I start seeing double in a macro I always check to make sure I don't have two copies of the macro file open. I usually run a development and a production copy and once in a blue moon I have both open by mistake and both here the activation and run giving a double affect.

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It appears to have been an issue with macro express and this whole locking up issue I seem to be having. Once I had shutdown macro express as other macros where not working like the capture clipboard macro I had. I then reopened macro express and it was now only opening a single instance of explorer and the clipboard capture function was also working again.


Perhaps I should create a macro the restarts Macro Express every few hours to see if it sorts it out ?

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You did not specify in the past what version you are using but in the past the clipboard hook caused what I termed "molasses" where the UI slows down an incredible amount. EG click on the start button and several to 30 seconds later it responds. I don't use clipboard activation so I disable the clipboard hook in the options in all my client machines. I think a good practice in any case to reduce the number of issues and overhead.


BTW I have some macros that open folders but I take a different tack. I activate the macro with a hotkey and the first thing the macro does is evaluate the string with an "If Folder Exists". If it does I open it in File Explorer.

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