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Loss of the File Macros Category Wizards etc Taskbar


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I seem to have lost my toolbar or task bar at the top of the screen above the icons and below the blue bar. I still have the icons and can muddle through but would love to have the words and the drop down lists as well. Any ideas on what code to use to get that back?

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I take it you are missing the Menu Bar - that would be the thingy with text and dropdown lists. I recently had this problem with MEPro and was told I was the only person to have the issue. Welcome to the Where's My Menu Bar Club.


If you right-click on the ME icon in the Tray, you can try Tools/Restore Toolbars. Works on my PC for the other toolbars but not the Menu Bar.


You probably did not save your current configuration as a backup. Importing back a good configuration did not help me but if you have one, try it Tools/Import Program Configuration. If that does not work try Tools/Restore Program Defaults.


I'm not sure if ME3 has a repair option if you try to uninstall. If it does, try that.


The only solution I've found for MEPro is to uninstall and re-install so that would be your last option.

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