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Debug- Show Variable Values

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Why does the "Show Variable Values" work 100% of the time when the Macro button "Test Run" is pressed, but doesn't work when you want to see all the information pass through the Variable at full speed and visibly open?


In other words, when I am testing a macro and have the debug screen "Show Variable Values" open, you never see it work when you are testing the macro at full speed(almost), but it does work when you hit the "Test Run" on the macro profile itself.


I have a macro that is triggered by a mouse click(finding text right underneath the mouse). I have the "Show Variable Values" screen open to see what is happening with the data when I click the area of the screen. I can't see a darn thing happening. When I hit "Test Run", it shows the text. It is not because I am moving the mouse to hit the "Test Run" button, because I have tried this on many areas of the scrren and the text is easily retrievable



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The debug values window is only ever updated when doing one of the debugging runs F7, F8, or F9. It will not be updated when the macro executes normally. This is by design.

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You can use Text Box Displays (configured to show variables of interest). If you use the standard TBD the macro will stop at that point until you click OK/Enter. That's my personal preference. You can take your time, works in normal running or editing modes and you see the entire length of text variables. It's a bit tedious listing the variables however.

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