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Poor keyboard and mouse detection

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Hi guys I am using ME again after aving an off time with Mac OSX and I am staying there. I miss ME there alot.


Now I am using a program that takes control of mouse and keyboard as it is translating inputs of mouse and key to a game controller.

When control has been taken ME is incapable of receiving any commands. Normally I would say, OK command is gone that is OK.

The reason I am complaining is that Autohotkey or the Logitech devices are very well capable of receiving commands even if control is taken.

So I assume the keyboard capture is not low level enough.


Can you change this?




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What do you mean by receiving commands? There are limited options of telling ME to do something from an outside source. Are you referring to manually initiating a macro in these circumstances? You can autorestore hooks in Options/Preferences or as a command under Macro Express in the editor (the latter will not help initiate the macro).

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