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Color variable manually defined by #?


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Is there any way that I can save a Pixel Color number and store it within a macro permanently? For instance, if I always wanted text that is color 255 to be what the macro is looking for can I set that somehwere?


Basically I would want my macro to always use the same color without having to go grab it every time the macro runs, since it is represented by a number I was assuming that color value could be saved in a macro somehow.


I was looking at the options in the variables, and I read the help on variables and I couldn't see any way to define a color as a variable manually, but I may have not been looking in the right place. I found the color that I need using the get pixel command, but that makes me define the variable each time.


Is this possible, or am I trying to live out a pipe dream?

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What you want to do is to persist the value of a variable. There is a number of ways to do this:

- save a value in the registry and retrieve it each time you run the macro

- write the value to a file (e.g. an .ini file) and read the value back in each time you run the macro

If you want help with either of these techniques, simply ask.

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You don't always have to "store" it. It can be part of the macro. Here's a few lines from a web page loading macro:


Get Pixel Color at (1017, 39) Relative to Current Window into %N8%
   If Variable %N8% Equals "12632256"
   End If

If you use it numerous times in the macro you may want to set

%N7% = 12632256 then the above becomes

If Variable %N8% Equals %N7%


I see that you don't care to go this route but it's as quick to type the value as it is to sort out a link to a stored value. I usually copy and paste the value from a similar macro.

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