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Disabling the help (F1) command


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I can't think of any easy method at the moment. From my tests, if you have an ME macro initiated by F1, the macro will start and you only get the Help in addition if ME is on top. One explanation of your situation could be that if WoW is running as an overlay, that ME is seen as the topmost window. Fairly unlikely though. Have you tried burying ME under a few other windows? If so, do you get their Help instead! Also try sending ME to the tray ie close Explorer.


For standard applications I find that if you hit F1, the Help for the topmost application appears, not ME. I assume you have F1 in WoW allocated to some other function. Does WoW respond to the F1 as you have set, as well as initiating ME Help? ME Help does not seem to open as a new process but you can shut the window down.

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