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Questions on variables and filenames


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I'm new to Macro Express and have had mixed results so far. I mainly use the software for file manipulation, moving and renaming, and using spreadsheets to bring additional data to the files. Currently, what I am working on is this. I have a file who's name is an account number only (ABC123456). Using a spreadsheet, I want to use variables to change the filename. The spreadsheet's columns are as follows: ABC123456 ABC-123456 Bob Smith


I set the macro to use the arrow keys to select the first cell, then copy it to the clipboard, then set variable T1 from the clipboard. Then I give it a right arrow, again copy to clipboard, then set variable T2. I do the same to set variable T3.


My understanding is that now T1=ABC123456, T2=ABC-1234356, and T3=Bob Smith.


I was having quite a difficult time using these variables, so I gave myself a little doublecheck. I set the macro to go to another cell in Excel and then use the type text command and put in %T1%%T2%%T3%. I expected the variables to be in one cell, but instead each variable was in its own cell, in a vertical column, as if it had hit enter between each entry. Does anyone know if this is happening because of the way I set the variables?


Using an If->Then statement, I can see that the next problem in my macro is getting it to find the file C:\test\%T1%.pdf When I use the actual value (ABC123456) instead of the variable, the macro works fine. I don't know if this not working is related to the way the variables expressed themselves in excel. The final piece, which may or may not work, is renaming the file to C:\test\%T2% %T3%.pdf It may be having the same issue as T1.


If anyone has some idea on why the variables seem to be pressing enter, and what I can do to use a variable to rename a file, I would greatly appreciate the help.


Thank you,



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