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So I've owned Macro Express for 3-4 years, and mainly capture macro's, and then edit them till they are "decent" quality.

I opened a can of worms a couple weeks back and now I'm a bit over my head...but I'm so close. I'm looking for pixel colors, and then checking the associated box, but the web application is a little buggy, and I'm not sure how to tell it to STOP, and refresh the screen & restart the macro when it hangs.


The macro I've attached works perfectly...it just doesn't do two things it needs to.


1. It needs to reconize when it's "hung up." The easiest way to do this would be to make it to check for one of the 3 possible conformation boxes, and if none of pixels equal the desired color (that would cause a click) after say 30 seconds or in the case of this macro, 30 attempts...break out...and refresh the screen, and restart the macro.


2. I need some kind of counter...which I understand totally in theory, but every attempt has failed. Basically if it sees the pixel, and checks the box...count that as ONE. If it doesn't need to check the box, don't count it. When you get to 30, 40, or 50, (All depending on application health) then break out...refresh the screen, and restart the macro.


I've attached the macro, please help if you can. I've got a good macro now, I just need help with the last 10%...which as we all know, is the most important.




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