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Scheduling Macros for stagnated weekdays

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So, I run a few macros for a personal business of mine. Part of this business is that every day I need to send out a message through an application so it can be received by my users.


Because these messages will change daily, I wanted to set up 7 Macros -- each corresponding to a day of the week. At the start of the week, I'd change the message for each day. Running automatically on another computer, they would simply start and stop at allotted times to prevent overlap.


This had worked for about three days. Tuesday/Wednesday messages were sent every 50ish minutes. Monday/Tuesday before that. Even over the previous weekend. However, Wednesday/Thursday they've just suddenly...stopped working :(


Here are some pictures to accompany:





Excuse the black portions. For obvious reasons I need to keep some of that information hidden for my clients :)


As image 2 shows I just want them to run from 12pm - 11am the next day, and to only fall on the days specified. Any pointers would be great :)

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It looks like your end time precedes your start time. Seems to me this would not fire at all.


Also if I were you I would create one macro then use some logic and perhaps accompanying text files to do the different messages different days. Set variable to day, if day Monday load Monday.txt into a text variable and type it out.


Hey, you're not the guy who keeps sending me Windows Live Messenger invites from lonely young girls every 53 minutes, are you? ;-)

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Hi Newbie, welcome to the forum.


As Cory says, your schedule is impossible. On my PC it's harder to make that mistake, as I have Time set to a 24-hour clock, not 12. So the box would display Start Time = 12:00, End Time = 11:00.


Seems poor program design to me. Most similar input routines I've seen display a message like "Your end time is earlier than your start time; please correct."



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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