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Selecting Activation type

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If I use New Macro to open the Create New Macro dialog, the various activation types are shown in the usual way (with underlines) as having accelerator keys. But how do you apply one? Here, focus is always initially in the Hotkey box, so typing say 'n' or Alt+n to choose None just assigns that key to the macro.


If anyone's curious why I'm fussed, I want to write a quick macro to copy a few dozen macros and assign them to a new category, and I'd prefer to use keystrokes rather than mouse clicks.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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The "Create New Macro" window is slightly problematic for non-mouse users. The comparable screen in Macro Express 3 is much easier to operate by keyboard alone.


The main problem, for me, is that it is not possible to use the arrow keys to select a radio button in the "Initial Activation" container. The expected behaviour, when a radio button has keyboard input focus, is to make one's choice by pressing the up and down arrow keys. Here, pressing these keys selects an item, and then moves the focus away from the radio button control. To restore focus to the radio buttons, you must press Shift + Tab each time. Too much work!


As this is the screen where hotkeys are defined, I can understand the difficulties to make the screen obey standard keyboard conventions. It is extremely convenient to be able to press the key you want to assign, including the accelerator keys that appear on this screen, rather than selecting keys from a list containing approximately 1000 items. On the other hand, keyboard navigation on this screen was far less complex in Macro Express 3, so I know non-mouse interaction could be improved!

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