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I'm trying to schedule the macros to run at various times throughout the day.

When trying to set up the time, I'm only able to set the hour and the minutes. I do not have the option to set "am" or "pm".

Because it's not in military time, I'm not sure if it is schedule to run in the morning or night.

Is there a function somewhere that I would need to change in order to see the schedule time option in the h:mm:ss am format?


I've enclosed a picture of what my scheduling option looks like.



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Macro Express uses yor Windows time settings to determine how to display the times. If you are using a 12 hour clock then AM/PM should be displayed. On the other hand, if you are using a 24 hour clock then AM/PM will not be displayed but you should be able to enter times such as 14:36.


Make sure you are using the current version of Macro Express. Some previous versions of Macro Express had a problem with scheduled macros and the 24 hour clock.


Download the latest version of Macro Express from www.macros.com/download.htm

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