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Unlock Player command always necessary after using a Lock Player command?

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are there any consequences if i dont follow it up with the unlock player command? will the player be permanently locked until i do?

Why don't you try this out for yourself? It's not difficult. My question applies to many of your topics.

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Why don't you try this out for yourself? It's not difficult. My question applies to many of your topics.

Here here. In this example it would take less time to write a couple of simple test macros and try it for yourself. In many cases when I see posts like these I write a little test and see for myself and it's often annoying because it seems like the poster is just being lazy. In my list of pet peeves it's right up there with people who won't read the help file. I encourage you to test stuff out yourself. Besides determining the answer more quickly it will also expose you to all kinds of other stuff which you will start to absorb and add to your toolbox for later macros.


BTW I write a fair number of macros and almost never use the lock commands and in general I consider them a crutch or band-aid. It's a little more difficult but when developing a macro file I think it's important to consider how all the macros will be activated and how they will work together and in most cases I don't need these commands.


Also I'm not a fan of the lock player commands and way back in the beta days we had a big discussion about this on the beta forum and I decided what ISS gave us was only half of the solution and decided it made the logical implementation to convoluted. This is mainly why I make an effort to design my macro set so that I do not need them. But then again my macros tend to use a lot more 'behind the scenes' scripting that does not interact with the GUI as much so that probably makes it easier.

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