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Copying text . then removing some text from that copy then re-copying the remaining text

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Guys i still cant get this to work.


Accounts  	Devices
In Common 	Other
Devices 	Associated
Accounts 	Device
status 5054836 	58 	0 	7 	0
status 4681820 	2 	16 	52 	0
status 5823874 	2 	5 	6 	0
status 5453087 	2 	15 	39 	0
status 313130 	1 	22 	81 	0


And i need to end up with




any easier way ?

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<REM2:text into clipboard><SPKEY:0030><TEXTTYPE:<CTRLD>a<CTRLU>><WAITPB><TEXTTYPE:<CTRLD>c<CTRLU>><WAITPB><IMSD:300><TEXTTYPE:<HOME>><WAITPB><REM2:clipboard into T1><TVAR2:01:03:><REM2:clear destination><TVAR2:02:01:><REM2:parse><REP3:08:000002:000001:0099:1:01:T99><IVAR2:01:13:1:status><IFVAR2:2:01:1:0><EXITREP><ENDIF><TMVAR2:11:01:00:001:N01:><TMVAR2:11:01:00:001:006:><IVAR2:02:13:1: ><TMVAR2:10:03:01:001:N02:><TMVAR2:08:02:03:000:000:><ENDREP><REM2:display parsed data><TBOX4:T:4:CenterCenter000278000200:000:T2 value parsed%T2%><REM2: ><REM2: >

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thanks this is great.



when i start the macro on the page.. it selects all the page.. see there are other codes on the page and more info thats not needed.. and it selects this to.


and the digits come out in a line.. and not stacked on top of each other.. but it's great.. I'll try work with it.



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