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I'm been trying to figure this out for a few hours but cant!!


I have created a menu with about 15 options on it. Each option has a Tick box beside it.


What i want it this.


When someone selects a tick box (most people will be selecting more then 1) if copy's the info listed in each tick box and at once all items are selected and the OK button is pressed it opens Notepad and copies the info I wanted in the correct place. I know hop to get note pad opened and normally i use a text type command and %T1% %T2% to place my copies text. But how to I assign the %T1% %T2% extra to my Tick boxes




Daily task


Entering orders [ ]

Picking Orders [ ]

Invoicing Orders [ ]

Staff training [ ]

Cleaning Showroom [ ]

Filing [ ]




lets say I entered orders and did filing and select them and press OK


Then note pad opens and types out


Daily Tacks


Name: My name ( I can do this not a problem)

Date: todays date (Again i can do this_

Today Duties: (This is where i want the list of selected tasks to appear) -- I cant do this part





Any help would be great.

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