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Is it possible to capture the data from an application's field and pass it on in a macro?


I want to use Songbird or Meedios or some other like software to contain my digitalized music collection. As most tf the artists in my collection are indie and won`t be found in such public sites as All Music and Wikipedia, I want to provide my own source for artist information. I`d like to create a macro that captures the name of the artist, whose track is currently playing, and pass it on in web search of some kind.


Thanks for any help.

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This sounds like a fairly simple task. One decision you will need to make is how to grab the text data. One can tab thru or click on field and copy which is the easiest to learn or a more advanced technique involves using windows controls. For info on that check out the sample macro file that should be installed in MEPs program file folder. There is an excellent tutorial in there using calculator.

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