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Macroing And Windows 'run As'


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Hi, Please help me here any advice would really be appreciated, if this isn't possible in macro express - but i need different software alltogether please tell me!



At the moment i use macro express in a DOS based program and it works fine, i mainly use keyboard input, mouse movement and mouse click. not much else.






I am running the program twice using windows xp 'run as feature'.


The problem is that the macro doesn't tie into the first window, but just runs in windows regardless of what program has the focus. So when i switch to the second instance of the program the macro stops in the first window and carrys on in the second.


What i'm trying to accomplish is a macro that will run in the first window. and continue to run in that program, even after i've changed to the second instance of the program.


Is this a limitation of XP 'multitasking'? or is there a way around it?


What this actually is, is an online game. and i want to improve skills (which is what i use the macro for) on one character, in Window A. and play another character at the same time in Window B.


I hope you can help, i've been struggling for a long time.


if you need more info, just ask!


thanks so much.


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Sorry I can't help. I doubt if mE3 can do that, as my understanding is that you would be taking back keyboard/ ? mouse controls from it manually into another Window. It requires control of those to do "text type" functions, and you only have one keyboard!

Best of luck, Randall

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Welcome to the forum cooltone -


Randall is correct, you only have one keyboard and the Text Type command will merrily type away in the current window ... just as you do. That being said, you may have some luck using Window Controls, specifically sending text directly to controls and bypassing the keyboard. The success of this is not in the hands of Macro Express, but rather how the game application is written, and whether there are any exposed window controls to, well, ... control.

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