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Next question !!! Like this forum...


I have a power point i want to use as a daily screensaver... Basically i use excel data and formulas that update daily counter... things like how many days since last safety incident .... to do this, i createda powerpoint and embedded an excel object into it that contain my graph, data and other little text formatted the way i want.


The update part is run by ME 3 at night, i basically delete the existing jpeg from the slides in a specific folder, then open the powerpoint. ME has a few line to click on update link (if you know how to disable that in MS Powerpoint, hit me on here !!!) once i clikc ok... there is a delay that is never the same... i tried the wait for file ready and the wait for mouse curosr type deal...with no success... The only option that seems to work is with a time delay... let's say 30 seconds.... was just wondering is there is anything else i could try...


Here is the macro i created.....


<DOFILE:04:NN:R:\plantscreen\slides\screensaver>><DELAY:5><LAUNCHDEL2:0:01R:\plantscreen\slides\screensaver.pptx2><WAITWIN2:000010:000000:Microsoft Office PowerPoint Security Notice><DELAY:10><TEXTTYPE:<TAB>><DELAY:1><TEXTTYPE:<TAB>><DELAY:1><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>><DIS:<DELAY:30><WFREADY:000010:000000:000000R:\plantscreen\slides\screensaver.pptx><TEXTTYPE:<F12>><TEXTTYPE:<TAB>><DELAY:1><TEXTTYPE:j><DELAY:1><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>><DELAY:1><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>><DELAY:1><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>

><WCLS:Microsoft PowerPoint - [screensaver]><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>>


Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated !!!


Seabass :)

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