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Break point does not stop execution

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When you invoke the 2nd macro (via a Macro Run command), you are not running the version of your 2nd macro open in the script editor.


My technique for resolving this is to include the code of the 2nd macro in the 1st macro while testing.

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F9 steps over called macros the same way F8 does. This is by design. Refer to the help file Editor Menu - Debug page Step Options section for an explanation of step options. IE F7 step into versus F8 step over. I don't know of any way to change this but there is a workaround. Break the command prior to and optionally after the Macro Run. F9 up to the first point then F7 thru the called macro. Or put a break in the first command of the called macro and F9 once you have stepped into it with F7.

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