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I am a macro newbie. I have a fairly easy problem. I need to copy, move and rename some files. The files are date specific (creation date). How do I create a macro to copy a file by the creation date? I'm guessing that this would be some kind of a variable (?). I don't know much about variables. I think I can figure out the move and rename part of my process. I just need help with the date specific files. Please help me with this date specific problem. Thanks.

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Welcome to the forum.


First I would like to suggest that you do this with the file manipulation commands in MEP. IE as opposed ot trying to do something with the GUI of the Explorer windows.

You are correct about variables. You are not specific about what you are doing but there are date and text variables and commands to get various dates from a file. Check out the command Variable Set from File for instance. Here you can set a text to time variable to creation, modification, or last accessed time. Then you could apply logic to these if If conditions and such.


Let me give you a shot-in-the-dark example. Let’s say I have a bunch of files in a folder and I need to rename and move them into a folder structure of c:\Files\Year\Month\day.txt. Well I could use the Repeat With Folder to go thru every file and then set variables for the year, month and day then move/rename them to the new folder structure. MEP makes this very easy.

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